Japan in PHOENIX, AZ!?!?! :O

Good times were had at Ro Ho En, the Japanese Friendship Garden in Downtown Phoenix! October 1st was the opening day after the long hot AZ summer. They even had drummers and dancers to celebrate the reopening. The Friendship Garden is a beautiful tranquil park based on traditional Japanese aesthetics. Tons of green, trees, boulders, a waterfall, art, tea ceremonies, etc can all be found here. Definitely a peaceful place to explore with a buddy, get some writing in, or just zen out.



There are tons of events each month (the next is the moon viewing) and a gift shop for all your Japanese swag needs. All proceeds go towards helping expand and grow the garden, and volunteers are always appreciated! Check out this cool little slice of Japan when you get a chance, right here in the middle of Phoenix, AZ!


Peace Ninjas!