Guess What Day it Is? It’s Release Day!!

Writing Violet Star and following Carmella’s unique stream of consciousness was a milestone in itself. Getting the book published and in readers’ hands is another. I’d like to take a moment to thank all my friends and family that supported me and my writing and pushed me to really give it my all. I truly couldn’t have done it without you guys! Rain or shine, I’m just indescribably happy with the end result. I hope that anyone with a dream follows it. Life’s too short not to.

For those that do get a chance to read Carmella’s story, I hope you stick around because Violet Star is just the beginning. More books from her series, as well as new stories entirely, are on their way. If you enjoyed the ride, definitely recommend it to a friend. It also helps me a lot to leave a good rating or comment with Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Thanks again for everything guys! When it comes down to it, a book is absolutely nothing without a reader. Your interest and support mean more than you know!

That’s all for today Ninjas! 🙂