First Edition Author Appreciation Night

20151208_180640Had a blast at Changing Hands Bookstore’s Author Appreciation Night. About three months ago, they held a writing event hosted by Southwest Human Development. Their plan is to select a children’s book manuscript from a participant to be professionally illustrated and published. The book will also be distributed to to at least 2,000 children though 40 different programs and services that support young children and their families!

The reading age for children is getting younger and younger each year. It makes me glad that the next generation will have a new book waiting for them in the 0-6yr old age range. I’m looking forward to reading the winner’s published work early next year.

The speakers made excellent points about writing for this age group. First and foremost, stories for young children must be fun! Morals are always great, but don’t pound your readers over the head with them. Always keep your readers in mind and read popular stories geared towards the audience and age group you’re writing for!

I had a lot of fun going to the event, and meeting new people, authors, teachers, and friends. Looking forward to their next event! 🙂