Crimson Blade is Now Out!

The long awaited series finale of The Karma Chronicles is finally here! Crimson Blade is now released!


Crimson Blade

The Karma Chronicles

The secret lives of ninjas in our modern world are coming to an end. War between the remaining shinobi families is inevitable…

 During her summer vacation before her senior year of high school, Carmella and her friends take on their biggest challenge yet—preventing her beloved’s family, the Crimson Blade Clan, from engaging in a blood-battle with the equally merciless clan, the Sapphire Moon. She’ll need to leave the urban streets of Blyton behind to journey overseas to Japan—the birthplace of ninjutsu, for her final stand. With friends and loved ones on each side of the battlefield, regardless of who wins, everyone loses.

To make matters worse, the genetically cloned and enhanced heir of Carmella’s family lurks in the shadows, manipulating the tension. Dharma may look like an innocent high school girl on the outside, but she and her deadly league of rogue ninjas will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Carmella will need to pull out every ounce of strength, weapon, and ninjutsu, to put an end to this threat once and for all. She’ll have to suit up and become Karma, one final time…