Butterflies, Fish, and Lasers! OH MY!

Had a great time at the Odysea Aquarium in Scottsdale, AZ. The adventure was a triple-threat. As an animal lover, it was awesome to check out the crocs, sharks, stingrays, and my personal favorite, the pufferfish in their underwater homes.

Reminds me of a certain snarky chameleon from a book I released not too long ago. Hmmm, I’ll just call this little guy GUS for now…



After that, was the Scottsdale Butterfly Wonderland. I used to catch butterflies all the time as a kid.

Now, I had a chance to fully immerse myself in their flower and tree-filled paradise. Gotta love lush local gardens!

I think they like me. I picked up a couple of hitch hikers…

Finally, Celeste and I wrapped up the day with the Laser Maze challenge. You heard that right!



Think of the first Mission Impossible movie when Tom Cruise ducks, dodges, and dives through countless red laser beams without touching a single one.


All of this and more was at Odysea in Scottsdale, Arizona—just about 20 minutes from Phoenix. It was a lot of fun and I definitely recommend it to everyone. I’ll be back soon to beat the high score at the laser maze and see how my butterflies and fish buds are doing.


Peace Ninjas!


  • Oliver