Adding a Slice of the Forest in My Dojo…I Mean House!

Hey Ninjas! Just had to share this with you guys!

As some of my ninjas may know, I recently moved into a new house this year. It’s the first house I’ve ever owned, and I must say, it couldn’t feel more like home! I love all things nature and all things from the orient. So, if I’m not writing about Karma or her ninja buddies, or going to a Japanese festival, you better believe that I’m living the zen lifestyle right here at home! I just added my own peace garden right here in my atrium. For those that don’t know what an atrium is, I just found out like two months ago, so don’t feel bad. It’s basically a small backyard. BUT in the middle of your house!!

Pretty sick, huh?

Even while I type out this post, I get to glance out my peaceful atrium. It’s a real slice of the forest–complete with lush green foliage, black polished rocks, and a calming stone fountain. Some of the plants in it are Japanese too!

It really helps put me in my collected state of mind and allows me to focus more on my stories since it’s right beside my office.


Well, just thought I’d share! Back to writing! Crimson Blade isn’t going to write itself! 😛


What do you look towards for peace and inspiration? Let me know!