New Book Released! ‘Sapphire Moon’ now on Amazon!


20160414_13371420160414_123125I’m ecstatic to say that after the long and grueling writing process (jk it’s always fun and ‘write’ up my alley 🙂 ), my newest book, Sapphire Moon, is now published and available in paperback and kindle on!

I would like to thank all of my readers, family, and friends, for all the continued support! As I’ve mentioned before, this book is next in line to my ninja-novel trilogy and follows Karma in her adventures as a shinboi in training as she investigates a secret society of weapon manufacturers.

As a bonus, there’s an updated edition of my first story, Violet Star with a new cover that’s available as well! I’m excited to finally share my work, and of course, I will continue with my thousands of other projects I wish to bring to life.

I hope you guys enjoy my newest work or know someone who would! I’ve been told it’s like a similar to ‪Maximum Ride‪Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ‪‎Naruto, and ‪Kim Possible.

If you’re interested in continuing your much appreciated support, reviews and ratings help out a ton!


Thanks, Ninjas!


Links to my books are available by clicking on the covers!

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