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Writer’s of the Future

4th Quarter Honorable Mention 2018

“Liam Not God” by J. Oliver Madison



Awesome Online Interview with Voyage Phoenix. This one goes pretty in depth into my writing process, inspiration, goals, and all that jazz!

Meet Oliver Madison of The Karma Chronicles in Ahwatukee











Thanks Jamie for the article on Sapphire Moon! Between you and me, I still shoot at aliens with my fingers lol!

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Ahwatukee News Article Oliver Madison Karma Chronicles06/05/2015

Interview with YouTuber KShort for her segment Phoenix Rising. The link is in the picture! 🙂



Thanks to Allison Hurtado for the awesome article for Ahwatukee Foothills news! If you’re curious about my personal thoughts on Violet Star, or just tidbits on writing in general, I’d recommend giving it a read. Link is in the picture! 🙂