Wait. Did Oliver just call me a Ninja? The hell is that supposed mean?

Why thank you for asking my hypothetical fan! Like my stories? Then you’re already halfway there to being one of my Ninjas! Pretty snazzy, huh?

So what’s the second half? That’s an easy one. Just be you. Go for your goals, breakdown barriers and obstacles in your way, and always, ALWAYS, treat others with respect. Basically, be the best version of you that you can possibly be!

More on that later, Ninjas!

How did you get into writing?

I’ve enjoyed writing stories ever since I was nine years old. No joke. They weren’t very good…but I wrote them!

How can I get published traditionally too?

Honestly, I don’t have much experience in it because Violet Star is my first published work. But generally speaking, the writing process for me was a lot of trial and error.

Step one: Read. A lot.

Step two: Make sure your story is one hundred percent completed. Starting is easy. Seeing it through to the end can suck, but it’s rewarding once you read your finished masterpiece. Be true to what you want to write, while still keeping target readers in mind.

Step three: Have friends, family, acquaintances, or whoever, read your work and provide their unbiased opinions.

Step four: Edit and rewrite your manuscript, using your best judgment.

Step five: Repeat step three and four until you feel your story is perfect! It takes a lot of time. A LOT of time. But anything worth doing is worth doing write (Hey look! I did a pun!).

Step six: Send out your completed and thoroughly edited manuscript to agents, and sometimes publishers. Agents may be preferred because they’re always looking out for your best interest. They don’t charge either, but they do take a small percentage of the royalties authors receive. Make sure you do your research on everyone you submit to. From there, it will still be a long and taxing process, but if you’re passionate and stick with it, you can do it! I have faith in you! I look forward to reading your stories! 

Is Violet Star going to have a sequel?

I’m so glad you asked! Violet Star is part one of The Karma Chronicles series that I’m currently writing. Our favorite pun-making, kick-butt ninja, Carmella, will be back in her next book, Sapphire Moon. It’s almost done. These things take a while to write and even longer to publish…

But rest assured! It’s on its way. I’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s set in stone! So stay tuned, Ninjas!

Are you currently writing anything else, other than for The Karma Chronicles?

Yes. No. Sort of…

Bet you didn’t know that Violet Star wasn’t the first novel-length story I’ve written. That title (sweet, another pun!) goes to Black Jack. It’s my baby—my first passionate project. Though it’s finished, it hasn’t yet seen the light of day, other than by a few select friends I let read it. I’d absolutely love to get that work published as well.

Ya know…I bet you’d like it! It’s got ex-gangsters striving for redemption, twisted and psychologically disturbed enemies left and right, and of course, action, romance, and a dash of something not quite supernatural and not quite normal. You’ll only know what I mean, if you give it a read. I’ll definitely keep my Ninjas in the loop, if it ever gets put into motion. The main character is actually a little of how I saw myself back in high school, so that might be interesting and worth checking out—should it ever get published.

Other than Black Jack, I have so many stories in the back of my head that I haven’t started writing yet. I’ll definitely get around to them, eventually! All in good time, I suppose.

Will you sign my book, if I mail it to you?

Hellz yeah, I’ll sign a copy!

I’m at the earliest point in my writing venture where I have the time and means to do that—meaning I don’t expect too many people to ask this of me lol! So for now, bring them on! Mail in a copy to the PO Box listed on my “Contact” page. Please include instructions on anything in particular you’d like me to write, as well as postage to mail the book back. Please allow some time on receiving your book back, as I’m still experimenting with how well I can work this out. If it’s been over three weeks and you haven’t received your book back, shoot me an email.