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Sup’ Ninjas! This section of the website is reserved just for you! Basically, this is a space where readers can show The Karma Chronicles and my other books some love. Check out this page often because not even I know what exciting new things I’ll add here in the future—right now, I’m thinkin’ some competitions with prizes! More on that later!


Want to see something of your own creation on this site?

Easy. Submit your artwork of Carmella/Karma or her friends (or maybe even an enemy!) in the form below. And after it’s reviewed, it’ll put it up on the site! Keep it PG-13!

But that’s not all! All art forms and all styles are acceptable and encouraged. If you have a short fan-fic (5,000 words or less), poem, or something entirely different, you can upload the file here as well. Are you super creative and have a YouTube video or song relating to The Karma Chronicles? Submit a link, and if the criteria is met, a link and description may be posted on this page as well. So let those creative juices flow and have fun!


Here are some of the first readers of Dying to Know – Seven Twisted Tales of Death!























Keep posted for future challenges and contests, Ninjas!


A huge thanks goes out to all of the awesome Fan Art submitted by readers!

Karma and Friends
AMAZE-zing group shot of Karma and the gang submitted by Tplunkit! The group is gathered and ready to take on Arma Deus and the Sapphire Moon Clan in the latest installment of The Karma Chronicles.

From left to right, shout outs to Mr. Remer, Gramps, Splenda, Vivian, Karma, Akane, and Han!!

th6                       IMG_4697

Submitted by Anonymous                                                             Submitted by Terence D.

Reminds me of traditional Japanese art                                          The rough sketch!

meets new-age! Simply. Awesome!

karma                        image                                              The final product is visually stunning!                        Dark, mysterious, and deadly. Love it!

           Submitted by Terence D.                                                     Submitted by Jenifer



    Submitted by Ben I.

For those that can’t read Japanese,

the above kanji is for ‘ninja‘. Reminds

me of my calligraphy days at ASU. I’m

diggin’ the splash of violet!



Winner of the first Violet Star Art Contest is T. Rex Davidson! The theme for this art contest was “Battle”. T. Rex drew and inked a comic strip depicting Karma battling against a tough and brute thug in the underbellies of Blyton City. I have to say, I’m a fan of the dynamic poses and color palate. Congratulations T. Rex! You make the Ninja Clan proud. Your Amazon gift card and signed copy of Violet Star should already be in the mail and reaching you soon.

Keep posted for future challenges and contests, Ninjas!

karma-battle -contest entry