Books By Oliver Madison

The Leviathan Trial

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Tragedy befalls the esteemed Lancaster family as twelve adopted siblings bid farewell to their elderly father. Thanks to him, they have all been groomed for success in a variety of fields—debating, marksmanship, and fencing, to name a few. However, a dark creed in their family’s ancient tradition brings out the worst in them. The siblings find themselves pitted against one another in a winner-take-all competition for survival as they are locked within their colossal mansion. Mysteries are uncovered around every corner of their home. Death is an unfortunate certainty. The twelve struggles on whether to unite, or to eliminate each other until only one remains to inherit the family legacy. 

Who will be the first to perish? Who will be next?

In this family, there can only be one survivor in the Leviathan Trial…

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Dying To Know


Anything that can happen, will happen. A man learns of the exact time of his death. A boy worshipped as a god has the power to kill with his mind. And a cult of immortals conducts their yearly meeting in their new bodies. These stories and more delve into mortality and the human existence with a dash of the supernatural, fantastical, and sometimes just plain bizarre.

What is the value of human life? What are the consequences of death? Don’t get too attached to the men and women in these tales.

Not all will make it out alive…

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Violet Star


Carmella Anderson leads a double life. Sure, on the surface, she’s a charismatic and geeky student with a crush on a popular skateboarder. But beneath that, she has a decade of experience as a ninja in training. After shattering generations of tradition in her family’s way of the mercenary, Carmella’s grandfather began a new tradition—standing up for the few good citizens in her hometown of Blyton. When night falls, she must take on the persona of Karma and bring balance to a corrupt city.

However, her martial arts and arsenal of advanced weaponry may not be enough to track down a beastlike rogue ninja involved in a recent string of murders.

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Sapphire Moon


Karma certainly has her work cut out for her between dealing with The Sapphire Moon Clan’s assassination attempts, and an evil organization bent on destruction. Now in her junior year of high school, Carmella must decide how best to handle her secret double-life of a trained ninja. Cheer practice and an internship will have to wait while fending off the deadly shinobi and man-made demons out to kill her and her new boyfriend.

Things take a turn for the worse when the heartthrob ninja from her past returns to Blyton City. With the help of his twin sister, Karma and Akane set out to shine light on the mysterious organization—Arma Deus—before her beloved hometown turns to ashes.

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Crimson Blade


During her summer vacation before her senior year of high school, Carmella and her friends take on their biggest challenge yet—preventing her beloved’s family, the Crimson Blade Clan, from engaging in a blood-battle with the equally merciless clan, the Sapphire Moon. She’ll need to leave the urban streets of Blyton behind to journey overseas to Japan—the birthplace of ninjutsu, for her final stand. With friends and loved ones on each side of the battlefield, regardless of who wins, everyone loses.

To make matters worse, the genetically cloned and enhanced heir of Carmella’s family lurks in the shadows, manipulating the tension. Dharma may look like an innocent high school girl on the outside, but she and her deadly league of rogue ninjas will stop at nothing to get what they want.

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Minxy The Siamese Cat


Minxy is a spoiled cat who always gets what she wants and when she wants it: attention, toys, and affection from her owner Jessie. However, in this rhyming tale, Minxy is far from being the only pet in the house. When jealousy kicks in, Rufus, a crafty golden retriever, puts Minxy on a fake mission to uncover the whereabouts of her “stolen” yarn ball in an elaborate ruse, simply for his amusement. Will Jessie’s pets ever get along?

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