The Leviathan Trial

Unleashed Now

A Game Of Life And Death

Tragedy befalls the esteemed Lancaster family as twelve adopted siblings bid farewell to their elderly father. Thanks to him, they have all been groomed for success in a variety of fields—debating, marksmanship, and fencing, to name a few. However, a dark creed in their family’s ancient tradition brings out the worst in them. The siblings find themselves pitted against one another in a winner-take-all competition for survival as they are locked within their colossal mansion. Mysteries are uncovered around every corner of their home. Death is an unfortunate certainty. The twelve struggles on whether to unite, or to eliminate each other until only one remains to inherit the family legacy. 

Who will be the first to perish? Who will be next?

In this family, there can only be one survivor in the Leviathan Trial…

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The World Of Oliver Madison

A realm of fantasy, adventure, and escape from the mundane routine of everyday life – a bridge where fiction and reality merge into one.

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