Happy New Year! 2020! New Books and Goals!

Hey Ninjas,

2019 was a great year. I met a lot of new friends, found new opportunities, and released my short story compilation, Dying to Know. Now, we enter 2020! The next plan is to release the children’s book spinoff of The Karma Chronicles, My Best Friend’s a Ninja! In addition, I will also publish a new young adult novel titled God of Gangs. There’ll be more information in the future!

Stay strong and make this year the best one that you can!



New Project in the Works – My Best Friend’s a Ninja!

I’m excited to announce a new project in the works. Ever wonder what Karma and her friends were like as kids? Wonder no more! Follow her best friend, Nina, as she tries to solve the mystery of what her super secret, super stealthy, super deadly ninja buddy does in her spare time. This one will be a different approach as it will be fully illustrated and will be 100% family-friendly. Get ready to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

This project will be huge! It’ll be a while for this one to come out. Stay tuned!


My Best Friend’s a Ninja – Karma Enters the Class

My Best Friend’s a Ninja – Karma and Nina Character Sketches

New Short Story Collection! Available Now!

I’m proud to announce my brand new book! Be sure to check out Dying to Know, available now!

Nothing is as it seems in these seven twisted tales.

Anything that can happen, will happen.

A man learns of the exact time of his death. A boy worshipped as a god has the power to kill with his mind. And a cult of immortals conducts their yearly meeting in their new bodies. These stories and more delve into mortality and the human existence with a dash of the supernatural, fantastical, and sometimes just plain bizarre.

What is the value of human life? What are the consequences of death? Don’t get too attached to the men and women in these tales.

Not all will make it out alive…

Teenagers, Mutants, Ninjas… Just No Turtles! The Karma Chronicles!

The Karma Chronicles by J. Oliver Madison!

Violet Star: https://goo.gl/9JEzpw
Sapphire Moon: https://goo.gl/T2zqMC
Crimson Blade: https://goo.gl/5bbBfV

Chapter 1 – Violet Star (The Karma Chronicles 1) By J. Oliver Madison PDF

Chapter 1 – Sapphire Moon (The Karma Chronicles 2) By J. Oliver Madison PDF

Chapter 1 – Crimson Blade (The Karma Chronicles 3) By J. Oliver Madison PDF

Crimson Blade is Now Out!

The long awaited series finale of The Karma Chronicles is finally here! Crimson Blade is now released!



Crimson Blade

The Karma Chronicles

The secret lives of ninjas in our modern world are coming to an end. War between the remaining shinobi families is inevitable…

 During her summer vacation before her senior year of high school, Carmella and her friends take on their biggest challenge yet—preventing her beloved’s family, the Crimson Blade Clan, from engaging in a blood-battle with the equally merciless clan, the Sapphire Moon. She’ll need to leave the urban streets of Blyton behind to journey overseas to Japan—the birthplace of ninjutsu, for her final stand. With friends and loved ones on each side of the battlefield, regardless of who wins, everyone loses.

To make matters worse, the genetically cloned and enhanced heir of Carmella’s family lurks in the shadows, manipulating the tension. Dharma may look like an innocent high school girl on the outside, but she and her deadly league of rogue ninjas will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Carmella will need to pull out every ounce of strength, weapon, and ninjutsu, to put an end to this threat once and for all. She’ll have to suit up and become Karma, one final time…