The Very First Violet Star Contest! With Prizes!!

Hey Ninjas! It’s time for the very first Karma Chronicles Contest! Actually, the first TWO Contests! There’s two different challenges I conjured up.


The first challenge will be to cosplay as one of the following five characters in Violet Star. For those that don’t know what cosplay is, it means to dress up and take on the persona of a character.


Think Comicon!

Here are the characters you can select:

  1. Carmella/Karma
    1. Can be either Karma in her ninja attire or dressed casually
    2. Gotta have her signature violet bang!
    3. Katana or shuriken is a bonus
  2. Han
    1. Free range with Han, but it’s practically an automatic win if you somehow get his flaming katana in the pic!
  3. Akane
    1. Rock her black hair and red highlights. And know that you’re better than other ninjas.
  4. Raizen
    1. Show me your best shark mutation and get a craving for human flesh.
  5. Dogma
    1. Armor up and make everyone hate you.


  • Bonus points go to any groups dressed as multiple characters. Oh, and poses count!
  • If you decide to go for a group shot, costumes have to be spot on. If someone can pull off the “Three Musketeers” of the story, then boom! You’ll be in like Flynn!


The other event is a character drawing contest. Let’s see your best art skills! The theme for this contest is called “Battle”. Show me at least two Violet Star characters going at it in an epic showdown in any art style for a chance to win!


So, what are the prizes, you ask?

First place for the Cosplay Challenge receives a $50 gift card to Amazon and a signed copy of Violet Star. In the event that a group wins, each member will be awarded a $50 gift card for Amazon.

I’ll arrange something for any runner-ups and honorable mentions too!

First place for the Battling Character Art Contest is a $25 Amazon gift card and a bookmark.

You can submit your pictures and digital files in the Form Submission, or email them as an attachment to jolivermadison(at) Also, feel free to email me with any questions.

(Substitute ‘@’ for ‘(at)’.)

Make sure your files are a decent size. Basically, I don’t want them to come in blurry 🙁

The deadline for entering into the contest will be July 31st 2015. Please make sure you include contact information for a chance to win your prize. I look forward to seeing your submissions! Make sure to be creative, and most importantly, have fun! Godspeed, Ninjas! 🙂