Fan Art and Sapphire Moon Update

The art on the Fan Page is looking great so far! It’s always a thrill to see a character of your own creation come to life through the talents of others. Keep up the awesome¬†work guys! ūüôā

(I think I botched downloading one of them, and ended up making the picture size a little small. If the artist wants to resubmit a larger file, feel free! The shading and detail on it looks amazing!)


Meanwhile, I’ve been working on two writing projects. The first drafts for both are complete, but these take a while to get edited, polished, and put in front of readers’ eyes.

The first draft I finished is for an illustrated children’s book. It’s a rhyming story inspired by Dr. Seuss, following four house pets that just can’t seem to get along with each other. I’ll post a little of the¬†story The Ruse of Minxy The Siamese Cat: A Rhyming Tale of Deception next week! I had a lot of fun writing this one.


The second¬†draft I finished is for the second installment of the ninja series The Karma Chronicles: Sapphire Moon.¬†The book will take place a year after the events of¬†Violet Star, following Carmella in her junior year of high school as she takes on greater missions and even greater foes.¬†There’re old friends, new faces, and enemies from the past that will stop at nothing to see to it that their heinous plans come into fruition. This story is far¬†bigger than the first, and I’m excited to share it with you all! If I had to give a realistic date for release, I would say that February 2016 would be a safe bet. I’ll keep my ninjas posted should anything change. The words ringing in Karma’s ears this time around are ‘Beware the Arms of God’.

Cryptic, huh? Be sure to read all about it later on in Sapphire Moon!

Peace Ninjas!