For me, poetry is candy: short, sweet, satisfying, and leaving consumers wanting more. Before I really got into novel writing, I started off with writing poetry. Why? Because I could speak a little more from the heart. Every now and then I may write a poem from a certain character’s perspective, but most of the time, my poems are from a direct part of me. I write things that are sappy and happy, but a lot of time, they’re serious with an unsettling undertone.

Why so dark?

…Idunno, I write what I feel. Don’t we all?

Keep in mind, I’m not a dark person by nature. Quite the contrary. I actually always try to look on the bright side and keep a smile on my face. But just like all people, we have different sides. No one is entirely one-dimensional. So with that said, let’s see if some of my poetry can help bridge the gap from your perspective to mine—or at the very least bum you out (I hope not!). If you have any poetry you’d like to share with me, I’d also love to read it. Shoot me an email! Check this page often, because more poems will be added on a weekly basis (that’s the plan anyway). 😉

The Beauty of Chaos

By J. Oliver Madison


I grow tired of the predictable,

Bored of the mundane,

I fear that if I dwell in our society, I shall soon become insane.

Give me the thrill of anarchy,

Or the adrenaline of the unknown,

Bring destruction our planet, to which I know that it is prone.

Alas, is this a cry, for the damnation of what had once been held so dear,

Now, as order and structure collapses, I shed but a single tear.


The Corrupted Child

By J. Oliver Madison


Tell me what you get,

When you offer an innocent child to a world that is corrupt and cruel,

A corrupted child of course,

Whose selfish desires make it he who plays the fool,

However, can the child be blamed,

For the influence forced on him from the start?

He follows the screenplay that was written, and simply plays the part,

Then is it in fact normal to be corrupt?

Could sin be the norm?

If the majority participates,

Then it is the world’s proper form.



By J. Oliver Madison


My claws could shred you to ribbons,

My teeth could tear you to bits,

I could swallow a horse whole,

And know it easily fits,

My scales and hide—Impenetrable, and stronger than any armor,

Shovels bend, pitchforks break, whenever I am struck by a foolish farmer,

With each breath I exhale fire,

Turn a town into a cinder,

I may easily abduct your princess,

Leaving you helpless to defend her,

My eyes are crimson red,

The better to stare you down,

With a creature this legendary, I’m surprised that it’s the king who wears the crown,

As you cower before my presence, due to my monstrous appeal,

Breath easily my friend, and remember, dragons are not real.


Thin Air

by J. Oliver Madison


And so it returns again,

the feeling that I have vanished.

My mind not clouded,

but empty, vacant.

My essence



The hollowing sensation of my fragile soul

nibbles away at me,

making me lighter

like chilled air.


My state me of mind

becomes shattered, and its fragments

once hovering like snowy dust


leaving me cold and open.


I lose all preference

or desire.


I become impartial,


nihil of our warm and cozy humanistic qualities,

and turn void,

and as untouchable as the wind itself.


Our words, perspective, and emotions

that we treasure so highly,

fall meaningless,

and frozen in a disarray of white.


Watch closely as I turn to



Stare if

You’d like.


You may even wonder,

upon second glance,


If anyone was even there,


to begin with.


Loneliness turns us cold,

like thin air.


Flames of Lust

By J. Oliver Madison


Satisfy this hunger,

Not a craving of the gut, but of the flesh,

Skin so flawless and smooth, I am yearning to caress,

A siren is my one desire, to halt this urge and douse this fire,

For once this goddess removes her attire;

I know my peak shall rise much higher,

It is this angelic form that I truly admire.

Supply me with pleasure, ecstasy, and satisfaction,

Feed this starvation, this physical transaction,

Only when I receive my passion’s yearning,

This flame will be extinguished and cease this burning.


Follow Your Bliss

Inspired by, and dedicated to, one of my best childhood friends. You know who you are! Cough* Cough* Tyler’s tattoo Cough*! Sorry, I must be catching a cold.

By J. Oliver Madison


My veins fill with delight upon this brand new day of wonder,

With another day bestowed, there is oh so much to ponder,

Friendship seems eternal, love lights up my soul,

The moment daybreak wakes me, I know that I am in control,

When I shed my mortal vessel, the truth shall then appear,

The circle of life continues, which no man of Earth should fear,

I am a follower of bliss, and encourage others to do the same,

Laughing, loving, living,

Life is but a game.