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It was truly a blast to see so many creative writing students passionate about their craft at my alma mater. The students of Mrs. Austin’s class are definitely on the right track when it comes to the art of storytelling. Their outlines for their big writing projects are due on Monday. Exciting stuff! I wish them the best in their writing ventures and really hope to read their stories someday in the near future. They asked some of the best and in depth questions I’ve heard yet. Many thanks to the amazing students—especially Cameron who set up the event, and Ms. Zahara, who substituted for Mrs. Austin. You all made me feel so welcomed! Visiting Mountain Pointe again felt both nostalgic and rewarding.


San Bernadino Detention and Assessment Center

One of the greatest gifts adults can give—to their offspring and to their society—is to read to children. —Carl Sagan


Reading is a blessing. There is no substitute for the inspiration and knowledge that literature can offer. I see it as a form of communication, a way for an individual to convey their thoughts, lives, and imagination from one person to another. Unlike a conversation, books have the power to transcend space and time. They can reach people all across the world at the reader’s convenience. Books can be read countless generations later, even after the author has passed. No matter what shape or form literature takes, it is a gift.

Last Friday was an absolute blessing for me. To visit San Bernardino County Juvenile Detention and Assessment Center and share my passion for reading and writing with the youth was a touching experience.

The young men had the opportunity to participate as well, reading poems, stories, and passages from novels. I enjoyed hearing classics like Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat and watching other visitors put such enthusiasm in their speeches and storytelling. At the end of the day, it was a treat to see the fascination that sparked from everyone’s love of literature and the power of knowledge it brings that bridges the community.

I recommend that anyone who is willing, and has the opportunity to share in this gift, do so.

Reading is knowledge. And knowledge is power.

SB Sign


Jane Guttman, the amazing librarian and role model who organized the whole event!


Thanks to all of the staff of the probation department and volunteer readers who decided to take time out of their busy schedules to aid in enriching the lives of our youth with literature. Among the many volunteers were the library staff, the District Attorney, the Mayor of San Bernadino City, and many, many, others!

10Mayor of San Bernadino, Carey DavisSan Bernadino County Group It takes a village to raise a child

Go Saints! Adelanto High School Visit!

Had a blast at Adelanto High School last Thursday in Cali! The junior English students were awesome and had a lot of great questions regarding writing, perseverance, and sources of inspiration. A lot of them have similar tastes in TV shows and movies too. Go Death the Kid!

Many of the students are also avid writers. I look forward to hearing more about their stories and maybe even getting a sneak peek at an early draft later on down the road!

Shout outs to Ms. James, Principal Purcell, and the amazing English teachers of Adelanto High, Dr. Betian and Ms. Barton!IMG_2419IMG_2299  IMG_2422


Bookmarks are in! Get yours Free!

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Print Copies of Violet Star Now on Amazon

The print version, aka physical copies, for my first published novel, Violet Star: The Karma Chronicles, are finally available on Amazon!! Humongous thanks to everyone who’s supported me so far in my writing venture and to those who’ve already purchased out the eBook edition. It really does mean a lot! I’ll be posting future updates on this site so feel free to check it out!

Thanks, Ninjas!


You can order the eBook or Print version of Violet Star here.

Guess What Day it Is? It’s Release Day!!

Writing Violet Star and following Carmella’s unique stream of consciousness was a milestone in itself. Getting the book published and in readers’ hands is another. I’d like to take a moment to thank all my friends and family that supported me and my writing and pushed me to really give it my all. I truly couldn’t have done it without you guys! Rain or shine, I’m just indescribably happy with the end result. I hope that anyone with a dream follows it. Life’s too short not to.

For those that do get a chance to read Carmella’s story, I hope you stick around because Violet Star is just the beginning. More books from her series, as well as new stories entirely, are on their way. If you enjoyed the ride, definitely recommend it to a friend. It also helps me a lot to leave a good rating or comment with Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Thanks again for everything guys! When it comes down to it, a book is absolutely nothing without a reader. Your interest and support mean more than you know!

That’s all for today Ninjas! 🙂


Hey, Ninjas!

Launch date for Violet Star, first installment of The Karma Chronicles, is 02/04/2015 in digital format! The hardcopy format comes out about a week or so later! Pick up your e-reader and your katana and join Carmella in battle next week!

Check out the awesome cover designed by the talented Susan Krupp of Whiskey Creek Press! 😉