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It’s Official: I’m Gonna Be On American Ninja Warrior!

Can’t believe it’s actually happened!!! NBC has officially selected me to compete on American Ninja Warrior!!

As Karma would say…”FREAKIN’ STELLAR!”

I couldn’t be more psyched or honored! Who says writers can’t put down the pen every now and then and turn fantasy into reality?


To those that had faith in me… A thank you! Thank you! You’re too kind!


Now, for the past month or so, I’ve been upping my training and trips to the local Scottsdale Ninja Gym. All I can promise is that I’m going to give it my all and put my mind and body to the limit during the competition. Just like everything else in life, I’m dedicating my all to this goal.

Always follow your dreams my Ninjas!

I head out to Cali for the competition on March 6th! Look for me when the episode airs.


Wish me luck Ninjas!!

#AuthorNinja signing off! 😉


Oliver’s American Ninja Warrior Season 9 Audition

Hey Ninjas!

This is my audition tape for American Ninja Warrior Season 9. I’ve had fun training, growing stronger, and meeting new people at the Scottsdale Ninja Gym. The vid was a blast to shoot! Fingers crossed that NBC will give me a call! 🙂


Here are links to my ninja themed books mentioned in the video!

Violet Star

Sapphire Moon

Japan in PHOENIX, AZ!?!?! :O

Good times were had at Ro Ho En, the Japanese Friendship Garden in Downtown Phoenix! October 1st was the opening day after the long hot AZ summer. They even had drummers and dancers to celebrate the reopening. The Friendship Garden is a beautiful tranquil park based on traditional Japanese aesthetics. Tons of green, trees, boulders, a waterfall, art, tea ceremonies, etc can all be found here. Definitely a peaceful place to explore with a buddy, get some writing in, or just zen out.



There are tons of events each month (the next is the moon viewing) and a gift shop for all your Japanese swag needs. All proceeds go towards helping expand and grow the garden, and volunteers are always appreciated! Check out this cool little slice of Japan when you get a chance, right here in the middle of Phoenix, AZ!


Peace Ninjas!


Sahuaro Elementary School Spring Fling!

Had a great time last night at Sahuaro Elementary School. The Spring Fling event was a major success and was a ton of fun! Students got to make magic wands, get inked in some awesome temporary tats (my favorite was the Batman symbol), and acquire a set amount of stamps from different booths in order to receive a copy of a free book from the school’s library. Special thanks to Principal Menedez for having me out and allowing me the chance to meet several awesome young readers and aspiring writers! 🙂



New Book Released! ‘Sapphire Moon’ now on Amazon!


20160414_13371420160414_123125I’m ecstatic to say that after the long and grueling writing process (jk it’s always fun and ‘write’ up my alley 🙂 ), my newest book, Sapphire Moon, is now published and available in paperback and kindle on!

I would like to thank all of my readers, family, and friends, for all the continued support! As I’ve mentioned before, this book is next in line to my ninja-novel trilogy and follows Karma in her adventures as a shinboi in training as she investigates a secret society of weapon manufacturers.

As a bonus, there’s an updated edition of my first story, Violet Star with a new cover that’s available as well! I’m excited to finally share my work, and of course, I will continue with my thousands of other projects I wish to bring to life.

I hope you guys enjoy my newest work or know someone who would! I’ve been told it’s like a similar to ‪Maximum Ride‪Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ‪‎Naruto, and ‪Kim Possible.

If you’re interested in continuing your much appreciated support, reviews and ratings help out a ton!


Thanks, Ninjas!


Links to my books are available by clicking on the covers!

VioletStarCover_FullBleed_Text Sapphire Moon Cover…/…/151928084X……/…/ref=sr_1_2…