VioletStarCover_FullBleed_TextViolet Star

The Karma Chronicles

No one at Mitchelstown High has any idea of the double life Carmella Anderson leads. Sure, on the surface, she’s a charismatic and geeky student with a crush on a popular skateboarder. But beneath that, she has a decade of experience as a ninja in training. After shattering generations of tradition in her family’s way of the mercenary, Carmella’s grandfather began a new tradition—standing up for the few good citizens in her hometown of Blyton. When night falls, she must take on the persona of Karma and bring balance to a corrupt city.

However, her martial arts and arsenal of advanced weaponry may not be enough to track down a beastlike rogue ninja involved in a recent string of murders. Karma will need help from friends, family, and her genetic gift—special abilities unique to her clan—to uncover the mystery behind the killer and bring him to justice.

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Sapphire Moon Cover

Sapphire Moon

The Karma Chronicles

Between the Sapphire Moon Clan’s assassination attempts, and an evil organization bent on destruction, Karma certainly has her work cut out for her…

Now in her junior year of high school, Carmella must decide how best to handle her secret double-life of a trained ninja. Cheer practice and an internship will have to wait while fending off the deadly shinobi and man-made demons out to kill her and her new boyfriend.

Things take a turn for the worse when the heartthrob ninja from her past returns to Blyton City. With the help of his twin sister, Karma and Akane set out to shine light on the mysterious organization—Arma Deus—before her beloved hometown turns to ashes.

With the villainous intent of Chimera still lingering, it’s up to Karma and company to unravel the truth behind their ultimate weapon. And stop them.

Friends, training, and ninjutsu may not be enough this time.

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