New Short Story Collection! Available Now!

I’m proud to announce my brand new book! Be sure to check out Dying to Know, available now!

Nothing is as it seems in these seven twisted tales.

Anything that can happen, will happen.

A man learns of the exact time of his death. A boy worshipped as a god has the power to kill with his mind. And a cult of immortals conducts their yearly meeting in their new bodies. These stories and more delve into mortality and the human existence with a dash of the supernatural, fantastical, and sometimes just plain bizarre.

What is the value of human life? What are the consequences of death? Don’t get too attached to the men and women in these tales.

Not all will make it out alive…

Teenagers, Mutants, Ninjas… Just No Turtles! The Karma Chronicles!

The Karma Chronicles by J. Oliver Madison!

Violet Star: https://goo.gl/9JEzpw
Sapphire Moon: https://goo.gl/T2zqMC
Crimson Blade: https://goo.gl/5bbBfV

Chapter 1 – Violet Star (The Karma Chronicles 1) By J. Oliver Madison PDF

Chapter 1 – Sapphire Moon (The Karma Chronicles 2) By J. Oliver Madison PDF

Chapter 1 – Crimson Blade (The Karma Chronicles 3) By J. Oliver Madison PDF

Crimson Blade is Now Out!

The long awaited series finale of The Karma Chronicles is finally here! Crimson Blade is now released!



Crimson Blade

The Karma Chronicles

The secret lives of ninjas in our modern world are coming to an end. War between the remaining shinobi families is inevitable…

 During her summer vacation before her senior year of high school, Carmella and her friends take on their biggest challenge yet—preventing her beloved’s family, the Crimson Blade Clan, from engaging in a blood-battle with the equally merciless clan, the Sapphire Moon. She’ll need to leave the urban streets of Blyton behind to journey overseas to Japan—the birthplace of ninjutsu, for her final stand. With friends and loved ones on each side of the battlefield, regardless of who wins, everyone loses.

To make matters worse, the genetically cloned and enhanced heir of Carmella’s family lurks in the shadows, manipulating the tension. Dharma may look like an innocent high school girl on the outside, but she and her deadly league of rogue ninjas will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Carmella will need to pull out every ounce of strength, weapon, and ninjutsu, to put an end to this threat once and for all. She’ll have to suit up and become Karma, one final time…

Houston, We Have a Release Date! (For Karma Chronicles 3!)




















With a war brewing between rivaling ninja clans, Karma will have to sacrifice her summer vacation and travel to Japan to end the bloodshed. But within the shadows, a secret society of rogue ninjas have a different plan to stop her.

I’m excited to announce that my third and final installment of Karma Chronicles, Crimson Blade, is now complete. It’s currently undergoing some last-minute edits and changes, but is set to be released on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com on February 28th of this year!

I’m really proud of how this last book has turned out. Be sure to check out Violet Star and Sapphire Moon, if you want to get caught up on all the action.

Stay tuned for updates!

Peace, Ninjas!

Seattle Trip!

Let me just tell you, I have an amazing girlfriend! She’s quite the catch! For my 28th birthday, she decided to take me out to Seattle, Washington to celebrate. I can’t thank her enough for the experience. It was an incredible vacation and I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather celebrate it with. You can check out some of are journey below, Ninjas!


Seattle Space Needle!

Shot on Oliver Madison’s (The Author Ninja) most recent vacation!

Shot on Oliver Madison’s (The Author Ninja) most recent vacation!

Kermit the Frog at the Modern Pop Culture Museum in Seattle!

Shot by J. Oliver Madison a.k.a. The Author Ninja on his most recent trip to Seattle!

Shot by J. Oliver Madison a.k.a. The Author Ninja on his most recent trip to Seattle!

Shot by J. Oliver Madison a.k.a. The Author Ninja on his most recent trip to Seattle!

Butterflies, Fish, and Lasers! OH MY!

Had a great time at the Odysea Aquarium in Scottsdale, AZ. The adventure was a triple-threat. As an animal lover, it was awesome to check out the crocs, sharks, stingrays, and my personal favorite, the pufferfish in their underwater homes.

Reminds me of a certain snarky chameleon from a book I released not too long ago. Hmmm, I’ll just call this little guy GUS for now…



After that, was the Scottsdale Butterfly Wonderland. I used to catch butterflies all the time as a kid.

Now, I had a chance to fully immerse myself in their flower and tree-filled paradise. Gotta love lush local gardens!

I think they like me. I picked up a couple of hitch hikers…

Finally, Celeste and I wrapped up the day with the Laser Maze challenge. You heard that right!



Think of the first Mission Impossible movie when Tom Cruise ducks, dodges, and dives through countless red laser beams without touching a single one.


All of this and more was at Odysea in Scottsdale, Arizona—just about 20 minutes from Phoenix. It was a lot of fun and I definitely recommend it to everyone. I’ll be back soon to beat the high score at the laser maze and see how my butterflies and fish buds are doing.


Peace Ninjas!


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Awesome New Kid’s Book!

The Ruse of Minxy the Siamese Cat! : Full of mad rhymes, bright colors, and of course, conniving house pets! By yours truly. Now available on Amazon.com on the link below!

Riley wants me to read it to him for like the fifth time

Just a chameleon playing chess. Nothing to see here.

I even put myself in the story! So you know it’s gonna be good!

“When you write a book and still get surprised by the ending”

#childrenbook#reading #illustrated

Adding a Slice of the Forest in My Dojo…I Mean House!

Hey Ninjas! Just had to share this with you guys!

As some of my ninjas may know, I recently moved into a new house this year. It’s the first house I’ve ever owned, and I must say, it couldn’t feel more like home! I love all things nature and all things from the orient. So, if I’m not writing about Karma or her ninja buddies, or going to a Japanese festival, you better believe that I’m living the zen lifestyle right here at home! I just added my own peace garden right here in my atrium. For those that don’t know what an atrium is, I just found out like two months ago, so don’t feel bad. It’s basically a small backyard. BUT in the middle of your house!!

Pretty sick, huh?

Even while I type out this post, I get to glance out my peaceful atrium. It’s a real slice of the forest–complete with lush green foliage, black polished rocks, and a calming stone fountain. Some of the plants in it are Japanese too!

It really helps put me in my collected state of mind and allows me to focus more on my stories since it’s right beside my office.


Well, just thought I’d share! Back to writing! Crimson Blade isn’t going to write itself! 😛


What do you look towards for peace and inspiration? Let me know!

New Illustrated Kid’s Book!

Proud to announce the release of my newest book, The Ruse of Minxy a Siamese Cat! 😀

I had a ton of fun with this one! Unlike my usual works, The Ruse of Minxy the Siamese Cat: A Rhyming Tale of Deception, was written for younger readers—I’d say around 2nd or 3rd graders. And just as the subtitle implies, the colorful and fully illustrated story of talking house pets tells Minxy’s tale of revenge and deception entirely in rhyme.

A major shout out to Colton Starley! He’s the talented illustrator of this book and it’s been a pleasure working with him on this project. 😃


The Ruse of Minxy the Siamese Cat can be found on Amazon.com at the link below:


Definitely check it out if you have kids! (Or if you’re a kid at heart!)


On a side note, stay tuned for the series finally, and dramatic conclusion, to my ninja-novel-teen-trilogy, The Karma Chronicles: Crimson Blade, later this year!

Be sure to catch up on the previous books, Violet Star and Sapphire Moon, on the links below!


Violet Star



Sapphire Moon